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Top Places To Visit In Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

The gorgeous and fascinating views dominate the whole area of Bryce Canyon National park. Comprising of a protected area over 35000 acres is situated to the southwest of Utah. Prepare oneself for the adventure that is full of hiking, nature’s beauty, and many more. Here we listed the best places to visit in Bryce Canyon National Park.

Visit These Places In Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

1.Inspiration Point

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Above many levels of hoodoos, stand perched high fill the Canyon to the peak. Drive approximately 1.5 miles south from the visitor centre to the turn-off to reach Inspiration point. At the layer of red and white rock, gaze at the place that has been eroded.

Among the formations, finding unique shapes and characters is very exciting. The three viewpoints of the Inspiration point gain elevation and provides a more spectacular view. If one knows hiking, then they should hike to the top it is most recommended.

2. Queens Garden Trail

Queens Garden Navajo Loop Trail Hiking Trail, Panguitch, Utah

To reach the hoodoo, descend into the Canyon that has a noticeable resemblance to Queen Victoria. Queen Garden Trail is located about 0.5 miles from the visitor centre and begins at sunrise point.

Hiking allows adding appreciation to the experience among the rock formations of Bryce Canyon. To start the journey, the Queen Garden Trail is one of the great trails. Descend into the Canyon with the help of this easiest way. But keep the children protected as it has steep drop-off also.

3. Bryce Point

Bryce Point, Bryce Canyon National Park

The landscape of Bryce point provides the drastically various view from each of the viewpoints; this is the most amazing thing about Bryce Canyon. Drive about 1.5 miles from the visitor centre to turn off the Bryce point/ inspiration point.

Then the Inspiration point has 200 feet higher elevation. From the parking area of Bryce point, a little bit of hiking is needed to reach the point of amazing views. Keeping left towards Canyon rim, follow 2 miles road, and at the end, Bryce point’s view area will be spotted.

4. Money Cave Trail

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To reach the cave of dripping water, follow along a sparkling river, and after a little more continuation, a gorgeous waterfall of the Mossy Cave Trail will be visible. Vibrant green plants growing among the red rock formations are the magnificent desert Oasis.

The waterfall steals the attention of everyone, but the Mossy cave is also cool. This Trail is a beautiful addition to one’s trip on Bryce, and this place is also very family-friendly.

5. Sunset Point

Here's What You Need to See at Bryce Canyon Sunset Point - Family Time  Vacation Rentals

This place is beautiful all over the day. From the visitor centre, it is just a mile, follow the parking area and turn-off towards sunset point. The gorgeous multi-coloured Canyon’s slopes, along with the hoodoos sticking out, is an amazing view.

Some of the most popular and spectacular hoodoos of Bryce Canyon national park, Utah, is offered by Sunset point.


These are the best places one needs to know before planning a trip to Bryce Canyon National park, Utah. Now plan and enjoy the trip to this National park.

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