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Things to do at Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Wyoming

The oldest American Yellowstone national park includes plenty of travel spots, but the most majestic one is Grand Prismatic Hot Spring. It was named during the Hayden Expedition in 1871 but erupted earlier in 1839. At the current time, the hot spring has crossed the Midway Geyser bean area and is known as a boiling lake. World’s third and America’s top largest spring is bigger than a football ground and offers plenty of things to see at Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Wyoming.  The place was named according to its bright and stunning sequence of colors. The detailed information is given below.

Top Reasons Which Make Prismatic Hot Spring Grand

  1. Rainbow Colors

The hot spring includes stunning bands of yellow, orange, and green, which creates a mesmerizing view in the blue water. The blue center and wavelengths shine and reflect more than other colors.

Endless Cycle

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The water temperature is up to 189 F which falls and rises continuously in an endless cycle. The heat-loving bacteria inhabits each zone and thrives as temperature changes. It means you will notice the changes in colors with the seasons.

Extremely Deeper

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The Prismatic hot spring travels over 121 feet in the earth to reach its surface. The depth is similar to a ten-story building.

Things to See at Grand Prismatic Hot Spring Wyoming

Fairy Falls Trail

Rick's Hiking Blog: Fairy Falls and Grand Prismatic Spring Overlook,  Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The greatest way to explore the Prismatic hot spring is to see it from the top of the hill. However, the new grand hot spring viewing platform near fairy falls trail offers a unique vantage point to take some memorable pictures. You have to drive for only five minutes from the south of Midway Geyser Bean to reach the destination. The hiking is a little challenging, so you must bring light and sturdy shoes and sunglasses, of course.

Excelsior Geyser

MIDWAY GEYSER BASIN (YELLOWSTONE HOTSPOT) HYDROTHERMAL FEATURES Midway  Gesyer Basin (above & below), view from atop Midway Bluff in August 2011.  Above: looking ~SSW toward the Firehole River flowing north through the  Midway ...

Excelsior geyser is also considered as a hot spring which is located near the Grand Prismatic. The last eruption was in 1985, and now the stunning vivid blue hot water lake discharges over 4050 gallons of water every minute. After exploring the grand hot spring, we highly recommend visiting here, as you will definitely appreciate the views.

Opal Pool

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The smallest pool is actually a geyser, which erupts a few times in a year. The best part of the pool is its crystal clear blue water, and the temperature is over 132 F.  When you reach here, you will definitely agree that it is one of the best things to see at Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Wyoming.

Turquoise Pool

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Just like its famous neighbors, the turquoise pool is also a hot spring with 142-160 F hot blue water. You will never be disappointed after seeing the rainbow colors’ brilliance and its glory. The hot spring has its own beauty, which reflects the hues of the spring.

Perfect Time to Visit Grand Prismatic Hot Spring

Between May and September, the colors are more vivid and beautiful. You will easily appreciate the top things to see at Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Wyoming, and also, the top spots are feasible to access. But must be prepared for a huge crowd.

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