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Topmost Places To Visit In Easter Island, Chile!

Easter Island is a beautiful historical location. This mysterious Island is mostly recognised due to its Moai. Moai are a stone carved statue found only on Easter Island in a large number. This beautiful historic Island has been named a worlds heritage site by UNESCO. Tourists all around the globe come to witness several best places to visit in Easter Island, Chile.

The Most Popular Place To Visit Is Easter Island:

Several historical and mysterious places are located on Easter Island; some of the best and most recommended places for tourists are mentioned below.

1.Ahu Tongariki

Ahu Tongariki is among the main attraction of Easter Island. Usually, tourists did not get to see many numbers of Moai in one place, but this stunning location enables the tourist to watch fifteen Maos at a single chronological lain.

All the fifteen beautiful stone-carved statues are located on a single 200 feet long lain. The highest among all the Moais has a massive height of fourteen metres. This is the most preferred location for a historical person.

2 Ahu Vinapu

Ahu Vinapu is a historical place located near the Mataveri airport runway. This mysterious place on Easter Island is famous due to its small-sized Moais. Visitors cannot see a large number of Moai present here.

The attractive eye statue is the main reason for attracting many tourists every year to this historic landmark. This Moais located in this place is said to be of 1200 AD. According to archaeologists, this place is used for ceremonies a long time back.

3.Crater Lake And Quarry Of Rano Raraku

Imagining a Pacific island without a dormant or dead volcano is hard. Well, this long-dead volcano is known as Rano Raraku. A beautiful lake covers this historic landmass.

Archaeologists predict that the most number of Moai were built. This historic location holds a unique position in historians hearts. Tourists can spot some remains of Moais here. This is among the best place to visit on Easter Island, Chile.

4. Tahai Group of Moais

Group of Moai statues at Tahai (San Felipe de Aconcagua, Chile) -  Travellerspoint Travel Photography

Tahai Group of Moais is a beautifully located historical place. This place is located near the sea; a tourist visiting this place can also enjoy beautiful views of the Pacific. There are a few Moais present in this location. The eye-catching feature of this location is one of the unique stone craved statues popularly known as Moai. This astonishing structure looks like having a cap-like structure over his head and stare at a straight eye towards the visitors.

5. Anakena Beach

Anakena Beach / Easter Island / Chile // World Beach Guide

This is the most popular beach on Easter Island. After having a full day historical tour, this place provides a relaxing and enjoyable nature to tourists. This beach offers terrific views to tourists.

This beach is covered by beautiful white sand and palm trees which help in enhancing its beauty. It is a beach with an ideal location for relaxing after gaining much historical knowledge of Moais.

Last Words

Eastern Island is a historic location in chile. This beautiful location has many things to offer for the tourist, but the most popular is its Moais. People from different destinations in the world visit this location for enjoying the fabulous views of Moais. Apart from this, there are several best places to visit on Easter Island, Chile.

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