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Best Places to Visit in Waikiki, Big Island, Hawaii!

Waikiki is known as the heart of Honolulu. This beautiful place holds a name among the world’s most famous beach resorts. There are many places to visit in Waikiki, Big Island, Hawaii. This beach is loaded with numerous beaches, resorts, and hotels. This exotic beach attracts millions of visitors all around the globe.

Top-Rated Places to Visit in Waikiki, Big Island, Hawaii.

There are several tourist attractions in Waikiki; among them, some of the best destinations are listed below.

  1. Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Beach in Hawaii | Leo Boudreau | Flickr

Waikiki beach is the main attraction of Waikiki. This beautiful two-mile sand beach runs along the oceanfront. All the beaches present in a series in Waikiki are ideal for fun activities.

These beaches are considered to be ideal for swimming and water sports such as snorkelling, boogie-boating, and the most famous surfing. The overlapping beaches of Waikiki are lovely to spend a day with. This beach rank among the beautiful beaches around the globe due to its incredible beauty.

2. Kapiolani Park and Queen Kapiolani Garden

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This beautiful park acts as a divider between Waikiki and the residential area of Diamond head. This eye-splashing beauty is a gift from king Kalakaua and is named before his wife. This is the oldest public park in Waikiki.

This beautiful garden contains a zoo and an Aquarium; it is the best-preferred place to visit with family. Moreover, the Queen Kapiolani Garden is home to beautiful flowering plants. This adorable beauty contains flowers from Hawaii and other corners of the world.

3. Waikiki Aquarium

Friends of the Waikiki Aquarium | About us: Learn more

This beautiful Aquarium gives a chance to visitors to educate themselves about Hawaii’s unique marine life. This Aquarium features a large variety of marine creatures and residents of coral reefs.

This Aquarium in Waikiki is home to endangered species of monk seals and many unique marine creatures only found in these islands. This Aquarium features species like monk seals, giant clams, jellyfish, and other rare deep-sea fishes.

4. Diamond Head Crater

How To Visit Diamond Head On Oahu

The diamond head crater is located in the eastern end of Waikiki; this is an extinct volcano. This Crater is once an active volcano to that extent. This is among the best places to visit in Waikiki, Big Island, Hawaii.

This is also known by as Hawaiian as Le’ahi. Diamond state mountain is the most preferred place for getting an ideal view of this Crater. Getting over that mountain is a bit different due to its steep path. However, a large number of tourists prefer to visit this beautiful location every year.

5. Honolulu Zoo

Day 44: The Honolulu Zoo | Strong Mind Healthy Body

The zoo is home to hundreds of animals, birds and reptiles, and amphibians. This is an ideal location for getting knowledge about different animals. This is indeed an adventurous place for many visitors.

This zoo includes a botanical garden and a large variety of tropical plants. This zoo is spread into a massive area of 42-acre. Animals like Hawaiian Goose, Nene, Hawaiian Hawk, Tiger, Elephant Komodo dragon, and many more are present in this beautiful zoo.

Ending Lines for Waikiki

Waikiki is a beautiful place present in Hawaii. There are several places to visit in Waikiki, Big Island, Hawaii. The exorcist climate of the beaches and popular touring destination in Waikiki attracts tourists all around the globe to this wonderful place.

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