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Best Places to Visit in Antelope Canyon, Arizona!

No other spot on earth can match the charm, interest, and excitement level of Antelope Canyon, as photographers from all around the globe came here to capture its beauty. When the sun shines, the light passes through the narrow orange and gold sandstone walls and creates a mesmerizing atmosphere. However, visiting the Canyon isn’t so simple as you need to know the best places to visit in Antelope Canyon, Arizona. Before starting the travel guide, we want to inform you that you need to book a trip through the Navajo guide before landing here. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enter the Canyon.

2 Perfect Places to Visit in Antelope Canyon Arizona

There are 2 ways to enter the Canyon, the Upper canyon and the Lower Canyon. Both ways have their excitement. Let’s get more about it.

  1. Upper Antelope Canyon
Exploring: Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona — We Quest for Adventure

The upper entrance is much more famous as compared to the lower, as the stunning mid-day light beams take a gorgeous place during summers. However, it is also expensive during the popular light beam hours. At the entrance point, you will find a sand track that goes down through a long stretch of stairs.

The upper Antelope Canyon offers more time inside the Canyon, and you will be able to capture the light beam in your camera. Don’t forget to bring a tripod stand with you for comfortable photography. Each minute and each step will definitely bring a new excitement inside the Canyon as the mesmerizing views are the reason to attract millions of tourists here.

2. Lower Antelope Canyon

Visiting Antelope Canyon in Page - Upper Antelope vs Lower Antelope Canyon  - PhilaTravelGirl

Lower entrances are very popular among the people who want to avoid crowds and have less budget. However, you will find almost the opposite experience here as compared to the Upper entrance.  You have to meet your tour guide at the main entrance, and he or she will take you to the far end through a small sandy path.

After a few minutes, you will find metal stairs, which take you to the bottom of the Canyon. However, you can also notice the light beam, but the views are less clear as compared to the Upper entrance. The track is much larger and wider as you won’t find any trouble during photography. The pattern and walls are mesmerizing, and you will feel more freedom while wandering in the Canyon.

Nearest Popular Travel Places

Lake Powell

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After exploring the Canyon, we recommend you book a cab and visit Lake Powell. The small beach is also one of the best places to visit in Antelope Canyon, Arizona. You can swim here and enjoy a wonderful evening with your tour mates.

Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend of Colorado River – Page Arizona | River trip, Yellow stone,  Yellowstone tours

It has been over thousands of years; the Colorado River flows out the horseshoe shape and becomes one of the most exciting tourist attractions near Antelope Canyon. You can visit here on the same day and spend a romantic sunset by sitting at the bank of the river.

Plan your Trip During Summers:

Here you have read about the best places to visit in Antelope Canyon, Arizona. Now let’s talk about the best time to visit here. However, the Canyon remains open throughout the year, but the best time to visit here is from March end to earlier October. During this time period, the sun stays at its peak, and when it shines, the views are amazing inside the Canyon.

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