The first is Cologne or Koln in German, a city close to the Dutch border it is mainly famous for Kolner Dom, the city’s cathedral. The cathedral itself is massively impressive and make sure you take the hike to walk up to the very top and enjoy the stunning views over the Rhine. However, Cologne is Germany’s fourth largest city and as such has a lot more to offer than just the famous Dom. There are a multitude of galleries here, my favorite was Museum Ludwig, an exquisite collection of contemporary and modern art that made my art student heart soar. There is also an interesting Olympic history museum and a chocolate museum that gives out free tastes! While here my boyfriend and I borrowed bikes from our hostel and cruised around the city. This is a great way to see Cologne as it is quite spread out; there are lots of lovely little squares to stop and enjoy a schnitzel and beer in.

Altstadt-Sud, Cologne, North