Africa is, in my opinion, and the opinion of many people for that matter, one of the most beautiful continents in the world. There is so much to see and do here. On this page, we are going to take a little look at some of the best adventure trips for those over the age of 40 who are heading to Africa. Most tour operators out there should offer some variation of the tours on this page, so do ask them if you see something which catches your eye.

1 Kenyan Safari:

If you wish to see most of the ‘big’ animals in Africa, you should head to Kenya. Yes, the number of animals in the wild has, sadly, plummeted in recent years. However, there are still a few to be snapped. Kenya has some pretty gorgeous hotels ‘along the way’ too, which is going to be fantastic for those who wish to combine their adventure tour with a small ounce of relaxation.